The ideal addition for any car driver


about the mydrive Mastercard Standard credit card.

What are the benefits for me with the Car Concierge*? 

Your personal Car Concierge* helps you to always prepare perfectly for trips to EU/EFTA countries. They quickly and simply provide you with free information about the following topics:

  • Information about traffic regulations such as maximum speeds, alcohol limits, fines and any toll roads
  • Information about the validity of international driving licenses
  • Helpful leaflets on countries sent by e-mail

In addition, your Car Concierge* also organizes the necessary toll-road stickers and environment zone stickers for Germany for you on request. The costs for this are conveniently charged to your mydrive credit card.

Further benefits:

  • Reservations for motorrail trains and ferries 
  • Organization of a rental car or driver 
  • Organization of valet parking at airports 
  • Delivery of complete safety kit including breathalyzer, safety vest and warning triangle. The costs for this are also conveniently charged to your mydrive credit card.

How does the spending bonus work?

The attractive spending bonus gives you the chance to save on the annual fee in the following year. If you spend at least 15,000 CHF** a year, the card is free the following year. It is really easy to do: Spending just 1,250 CHF** a month is sufficient for this. It is therefore worth using the card, even for small everyday purchases.

How do I profit from insurance benefits***?

Pay for flights, public transport tickets, taxis or rental cars using your mydrive credit card. You are then insured in the event of an accident (invalidity or death) involving one of these forms of transport.*

Where can I use my mydrive American Express Gold credit card?

At all usual sales outlets, online and at ATMs. All over the world.

* The Car Concierge services are provided under the sole responsibility of Inter Partner Assistance, Brussels, Geneva branch. The card issuer Swisscard AECS GmbH, does not accept any liability for Inter Partner Assistance’s services.
** Not including fees, interest or cash withdrawals.
*** Please refer to the conditions of insurance to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability).