The ideal addition for any car driver

The Car Concierge* services.

Your personal Car Concierge helps you to always prepare perfectly for trips abroad (EU and EFTA countries). Would you like more information about traffic regulations such as maximum speeds, alcohol limits and any toll roads?

Always available:

  • Car Concierge* is available 24/7 by phone on +41 44 385 57 75.

General telephone information service:

  • Information about special traffic regulations, speed limits, etc.
  • Helpful leaflets on countries sent by e-mail (e.g. maximum speeds, alcohol limits, other national peculiarities)
  • International driving licenses

Toll roads:

  • Information about toll roads and toll-road stickers
  • Order toll-road stickers
  • Order environment zone stickers for Germany. The costs for this service (24 CHF) are conveniently charged to your mydrive credit card.

Safety kit:

  • Information about country-specific safety kits
  • Ordering and supply (e.g. breathalyzer, safety vests, warning triangles). The costs for this service are conveniently charged to your mydrive credit card.

Motorrail trains, ferries:

  • Information about connections
  • Reservations

Rental cars, limousines, parking service:

  • Rental car bookings
  • Organization of valet parking at airports
  • Organization of driver

* Car Concierge is provided by Ten Lifestyle Management Switzerland GmbH in the name and on behalf of Swisscard AECS GmbH («Issuer»). The Car Concierge Terms of Use apply.